Gone But Not Forgotten

At Edward & Sons, we are proud innovators of vegetarian specialty foods. Though we have over 90+ products in our family today, not everything we have introduced in the last 4 decades may still be found on retail store shelves. 

Some items were ahead of their time. Some found a small enthusiastic following, but not enough customers to sustain their cost of production. Some items were so successful, they spawned well-funded and well-executed imitators who captured our shelf-space. Though no longer with us, each has played a role to bring us where we are today. Take a look through our photo gallery of Edward & Sons products that that are gone... but not forgotten.

Introduced in 1980, CrackerBalls, were crunchy chocolate covered peanut treats that were sweetened with honey and contained no refined sugar or preservatives. Crisp and delicious, their great taste and satisfying crunch lasted only 3 or 4 months without preservatives. That was not a sufficient shelf-life to assure freshness to our consumers, so we discontinued them a few years after their launch.

Miso+Plus Dip Mixes were introduced in 1983. Based upon traditional Japanese miso, these tasty dip mix powders contained no sugar or preservatives and showcased the versatility of our freeze-dried miso powders. Available in Chive and Jalapeño varieties, these mixes could be mixed with cottage cheese, sour cream or avocado to make quick and delicious guacamole and chip dip - true to our motto "Convenience Without Compromise".

Introduced in 1985, Natural Temptations, were rice malt candies that came in 3 different varieties. These old-fashioned candy drops were sweetened with brown rice malt, contained no sugar or preservatives, and were only 15 calories each. 

Introduced in 1996, Let's Do...Lunch was the first vegetarian "lunchable". The natural lunch combinations came in 4 different varieties and contained meatless slices, cheese, organic wheat crackers, and natural chocolate. They contained no preservatives, no nitrates, no hydrogenated oils, and no artificial colors or flavors. 

Introduced in 1998, Let's Do Organic Gummy Bears were the first organic vegan gummy bear in the United States made without gelatin. Keep in mind folks, this was well before the time of vegan fruit snacks! Throughout the years we had many varieties including Le'ts Do Organic Jelly Gummi Bears, Classic Gummi Bears, Fruity Gummi Feet, Ginger Gummi Guys, Super Sour Gummi Bears, and Black Licorice Bears.   

In 2000, we released 4 varieties of our Premier Japan sauces with a new look! These new flavors included Ginger Tamari, Wasabi Tamari, Garlic Tamari, and Thai Soynut. This line had a nice run throughout the 2000's, and was later discontinued in 2011. 

In 2001, we introduced Kid Bear Vegan Gummy Supplements under KidCare, Inc. At the time, many gummy vitamins were made with gelatin, but ours were vegan as they contained no gelatin, artificial colors, and were gluten-free. These mult-vitamins were packed with vitamin C, zinc, and organic echinacea. Kid Bear was discontinued in 2003. 

Let's Do Organic Black Licorice was introduced in 2006 and came in two varieties, chews and bars. This product was an office favorite, but sadly we discontinued this product in 2009. 

The Road's End Organics Non-Dairy Nacho Chreese Dip came into our product family when we acquired the Road's End Organics brand in 2007. The Vegan Nacho "Chreese" Dip was the first of its kind... back then you could say "vegan cheese" was an oxymoron. Road's End Organics Nacho Chreese dips were discontinued in 2011.  

In 2007, we introduced Native Forest Organic Fruit Chutney. The fruity, tangy, and spicy topping was the perfect addition to crackers, curry, tofu, and more. The chutney came in 4 varieties including Pineapple, Papaya, Hot Mango, and Mango Passion. Native Forest Fruit Chutney's were discontinued in 2010.

In 2010, we introduced Native Forest Organic Mangosteen and Rambutan. Both varieties of exotic fruit were the first organic canned varieties in the United States. The Mangosteen was discontinued in 2014, while the Rambutan had its farewell in 2015.   

Edward & Sons Rice Snax were introduced in 2010, these crisp brown rice crackers were vegan, gluten-free, and contained no hydrogenated oils. Rice Snax were bite -sized shapes and came in 4 varieties including lightly salted, onion & garlic, bar-b-que, and salt & vinegar. This line was discontinued in 2014. 

In 2015, we introduced Let's Do Organic Coco Snax. These infused coconut chips came in 4 different varieties including Mango, Coconut Water, Unsweetened, and Sweetened. Coco Snax were discontinued in 2016.

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