At Edward & Sons sustainability is important to us. We strive to use recycled packaging, source Non-GMO ingredients, and farm organically when possible. 

Recycled Paperboard Alliance

We are proud members of the Recycled Paperboard Alliance (RPA). We are 100% RPA licensed which means that our packaging is made of 100% recycled paperboard and confirms that a certified member company mill produces our paperboard. Our use of 100% recycled paperboard helps reduce Greenhouse gas emissions and landfill burdens.


At Edward & Sons, we have a strict Non-GMO policy. You will never find a genetically modified ingredient in any of our products. Many of our products are Non-GMO Project verified. Although not all of our products are Non-GMO verified through a third party, we can assure you any Edward & Sons product will never contain GMO's. Accoring to the Non-GMO Project, The World Health Organization determined that the herbicide used in Roundup is "probably carcinogenic to humans." GMO crops are also responsible for the emergence of "superweeds" and "superbugs", which can only be killed with more toxic poisons. Although the longterm impacts of GMO's are unknown, once they are released into the environment, they cannot be recalled. To read more about why being Non-GMO is important to us click the button below. Using Non-GMO products. 


At Edward & Sons, we encourage consumers to choose organic when possible. Many of our products are organic, and we believe it is important to source organic ingredients when available. We work with organic farmers, and urge non-organic farmers to grow more acreage organically.  Organic farming discourages environmental (and farmer) exposure to pesticides and chemicals, builds healthy soil, helps combat erosion, supports animal welfare, fights the effects of global warming, supports water conservation and encourages biodiversity.

Fair Trade

While we practice ethical sourcing of all our items, we created our More Than Fair® brand to recognize the added value of third party certification of fair trade practices in source communities. More Than Fair products are certified by FairTSA or Fair Trade International to return value, respect and appreciation to the people who plant and harvest our wonderful foods. We have helped support community projects funded by fair-trade organizations including drilling wells and distributing solar panels, as small farmers often do not have access to clean water or electricity.