Coconut Fruit Bars

Coconut Fruit Bars 1 cup Almond Butter 1/2 cup Honey 1/5 tsp. Vanilla (almond extract for a more almondy flavor) 1/3 cup Raw sunflower or sesame seeds 2/3 cup Raisins, dried cherries or currants 1/3 cup Let’s Do…Organic® Shredded Coconut 1/3 cup Chocolate chips (optional) 3 cups Crispy rice cereal 1/4 tsp. butter or buttery spread
  • Mix almond butter, honey and vanilla until smooth.
  • Add all other ingredients except the rice.
  • Mix until well coated.
  • Add the crispy rice gradually while stirring.
  • When well mixed, firmly press the dough into a greased square baking pan.
  • Cover and refrigerate 1 day prior to serving.
  • This allows time for the bars to set.
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