Leftover Holiday "Turkey" Jackfruit Collard Wraps

Leftover Holiday Collard Wraps With “Turkey” Jackfruit

These Leftover Holiday Collard Wraps are light and easy and combines all of your favorite post-feast flavors in one gloriously green bite. No need to dirty up your dishes with these quick and easy wraps!

Made with Edward & Sons Organic Young Jackfruit Pieces and The Wizard's Gluten-Free Vegan Worcestershire Sauce by our friend Lauren of Flora and Vino!

These simple wraps are full of color and flavor and contain simple leftover ingredients!

Cook up some jackfruit on the stove with a dash of Vegan Worcestershire Sauce and load in the sweet potato mash, Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce!

Our Unseasoned Young Jackfruit Pieces have a meaty texture making these the perfect meatless wraps for your holiday main course or leftovers. Yum! You have the option to throw in Native Forest Organic Sliced Crimini Mushrooms to give it extra texture, and you might just fool someone that it isn't actually turkey!


Click here for the full recipe!