Coconut  Harvest

Follow along and go behind the scenes of our coconut harvesting. Learn about where our coconuts come from, the farms they are grown on and how they are harvested, before they are turned into delicious Native Forest® Organic Coconut Milk and all the other wonderful coconut specialties we offer! To read an open message from our founder regarding monkey labor click here

The Land

In Thailand and Sri Lanka on beautiful scenic lands, organic coconuts are grown and harvested for Native Forest® Organic Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream. To secure enough organic coconuts to serve our customers throughout the world, we partner with select organic coconut plantations as well as small organic farmers. All adhere to USA and international standard accreditations for organic agriculture, integrating sustainable farming and conservation work that nourish soil and enhance biodiversity of the region.

While organic coconuts are generally smaller than their conventional counterparts, organically managed trees are more robust and drought-resistant, and their soil is more rich and moisture retentive.

The Harvesting

Coconuts are harvested by farmers or their employees, who typically use sharp crescent shaped knives or sickles attached to long bamboo poles that allow them to reach clusters of ripe coconuts in tall trees.

Unlike some coconut farms you may have read about, our farmers never use monkeys to pick coconuts. All work is done by human professionals, well paid for their labor. To read an open message from our founder regarding monkey labor, click here.

Here farm workers remove any coconuts of poor quality along with the few that may have been damaged if they struck a rock when they landed on the ground.

The Journey Begins

After the daily harvest is done, the journey of the organic coconut begins. The coconuts are transported to a certified organic facility for further processing into organic coconut milk.