Meet Our Founder

Joel Dee founded Edward & Sons in 1978 with a goal to provide delicious and convenient vegetarian foods crafted solely from familiar and wholesome ingredients. He drove throughout the USA towing his home (an Airstream trailer) behind him, sampling and selling his first products to health food stores and distributors along the way.

"At long last, the connection between good food and good health is now indisputable. We at Edward & Sons never lose sight of the living things from which all foods come and work hard to keep our products as close to the source as possible. Wholesome, convenient, healthy food with minimal processing is common sense; and good business..."
- Joel Dee

Joel playing "Go" in Japan with the father of a supplier circa 1977.

An original Edward & Sons Trading Co. flyer circa 1980's. Joel was well ahead of the health-food trend that would sweep the nation in the next two decades.

Joel during a supplier visit in Japan, September 1991.

Joel pictured today! Joel travels to visit our farmers across the globe. He continues to pioneer vegetarian foods and bring alternatives into the conventional marketplace while encouraging organic farming.