Learn about the history of Miso-Cup® and its timeline since the very beginning in 1978. In 2018, Miso-Cup® turned 40 years old! 


Miso-Cup was the first product under Edward & Sons Trading Co. It's been over 40 years since our founder, Joel Dee, brought the first Instant Miso Soup to the United States, and we haven't looked back since!  

  • 1978

    In 1978, Miso-Cup® was introduced to the world in two convenient, delicious varieties. Golden Vegetable Miso-Cup® offers a light and flavorful soup garnished only with onions and parsley. Savory Miso-Cup® with Seaweed offers a dark, full-bodied flavor with the typically Asian addition of wakame seaweed. Both soup mixes were the first to offer consumers "convenience without compromise."

    The original Miso-Cup® packaging.

  • 1999

    In 1999, we introduced two new QAI certified organic Miso-Cup® varieties: Traditional Miso-Cup® with Tofu and Organic Reduced Sodium Miso-Cup®. Traditional has a well-rounded flavor profile derived from its special blend of organic light and dark miso varieties. In response to consumer requests, we introduced Organic Reduced Sodium Miso-Cup®, achieved with sodium reduction by combining vegetables, mushrooms and selected yeast extracts with a special, lower salt miso blend.

  • 2008

    In 2008, Miso-Cup® turned 30 years old. Many quick soups are packaged in disposable cups. We think it is more convenient and ecological to carry a pouch or two of Miso-Cup® in your pocket, purse or briefcase. All Miso-Cup® varieties are crafted from select blends of naturally aged miso. In all powdered varieties of Miso-Cup®, we freeze-dry the fresh unpasteurized miso to retain its maximum flavor and nutritional benefits

  • Today

    Over the years, people have enjoyed Miso-Cup® just about everywhere. It is the ideal companion to almost any outdoor activity, and an important component in the survival kits of college students, campers and travelers. Miso-Cup® has accompanied expeditions to Mt. Everest, and sailed around the world on a one-man boat. Miso-Cup® offers an unparalleled combination of flavor, nutrition and convenience, to create a moment of peace and nourishment in a fast-paced lifestyles. In 2018, Miso-Cup® will turn 40 years old!

    An original Miso-Cup® advertisement.

Original Miso-Cup® Recipes

These original recipes from the 1980's used Miso-Cup® envelopes to season and flavor dishes.