Gluten Free Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

From Food Sensitivity Journal comes this delicious Gluten Free Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp using our Let's Do...Organic® Tapioca: "This recipe was passed on to me by dietitian Nancy Ludwig, who is holding a series of classes on gluten free cooking in Salem, Oregon. Nancy is a dietitian with a passion for helping those with food sensitivities, who also recognizes the role gut problems can play in mental health. Her belief is supported by a recent study published in The Lancet, showing that 65% of kids with ADHD can relieve their symptoms with diet alone. This should be welcome news to the 10 percent of kids in the U.S. who have been diagnosed with ADHD, and who may receive help without having to take prescription drugs. However, with most doctors still not trained to diagnose and treat food sensitivities, parents will have to vote with their feet and seek out medical care providers who are offering this service. One such parent, Jeanie Wolfson, author of It's Not Mental, recently spoke to me about her experience helping her daughter recover from tics, obsessive compulsive disorder, ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder using diet, hormone balancing, nutritional supplements and integrative medicine. I'm excited to feature her interview here next week. When Nancy provided this recipe in class, she offered a variety of fruit and topping options. I've tried it several different ways and am publishing my favorite version of the recipe, with an alternative nut free topping for those who don't do almonds. You can use fresh or frozen rhubarb and strawberries in this recipe. Vanilla coconut ice cream is an incredible garnish." Recipe adapted from Nancy Ludwig, Gluten Free and Beyond Gluten Free Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp Ingredients: Fruit Filling: 2 1/2 cups sliced rhubarb 2 1/2 cups strawberries 1/3 cup quick cooking tapioca (Let's Do...Organic® Gluten Free Tapioca) 1 1/4 cup date or coconut sugar Topping: 1 cup almond flour 1/2 cup brown rice flour 1/2 cup earth balance buttery spread (red label is soy free) or coconut oil (melted) 1/2 cup date or coconut sugar Alternative nut free topping: 1 cup quinoa flakes 1/2 cup brown rice flour 1/2 cup earth balance butter spread or coconut oil (melted) 1/2 cup date or coconut sugar Directions: Mix ingredients for fruit filling in a bowl and let stand 15 minutes. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Pour fruit filling into 8 inch by 8 inch baking dish. Mix topping ingredients in a separate bowl (make sure your butter or coconut oil is melted) and arrange over the fruit mixture. Bake for 45 minutes or until juices form bubbles that burst slowly. Serves about six. Source: Organic Tapioca Recipe Click here for printer friendly version Find Great Organic Tapioca Recipes Here. Purchase Let's Do...Organic® Organic Tapioca Pearls singles at Edward & Sons store. Purchase Let's Do...Organic® Organic Tapioca 6 Packs at Click Here to find a store near you. Republished by