Vegan Not-Chick'n Noodle Soup

Vegan Not-Chick'n Noodle Soup

Made with Edward & Sons Not-Chick'n Bouillon Cubes

A hearty chick'n noodle soup made totally vegan & gluten-free!

This soup is perfect to warm up on a cold day or a nourishing soup to have when you're feeling under the weather!

The "chicken" broth is made with Edward & sons Not-Chick'n Bouillon Cubes, for a meaty flavor!

We used brown rice pasta to keep this soup gluten-free too, cook it until al dente to make sure it doesn't get soggy.

Simply, chop your onions, carrots, and celery and toss them into a pot.

Cook the vegetables down, and then add the broth and seasonings.

If you want some meaty texture feel free to add in jackfruit, it's optional but is a nice touch here!

You may also add in your favorite vegan chicken in place of the jackfruit. Cook it on a simmer, then add in the pasta, parsley, seasonings and enjoy!

Heat oil in a saucepan. Once hot, add onion, carrot and sauté. Add garlic and prepared broth. Stir well, then add in jackfruit if using. Cook for a few minutes and then add pasta and parsley. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cook a few more minutes until pasta is warmed. Serve and enjoy!