Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Vegan Pumpkin Pie 1 can Native Forest® Organic Light Coconut Milk 3 Tbsp Agar-agar 1 can Organic cooked pumpkin (about 1½ cups) ½ cup Organic agave nectar or maple syrup ½ tsp Sea salt 1½ tsp Organic cinnamon ¼ tsp Organic ginger ¼ tsp Organic cloves (ground) 1 pkg. Organic filo dough
  • Preheat oven to 375ºF.
  • Prepare filo dough* as directed for crust (usually separating approximately 10 sheets of filo dough and spreading organic coconut oil on each layer with a pastry brush).
  • When you have a large square “crust”, gently push into a pie tin and set aside.
  • Trim or fold over edges as desired.
  • Stir coconut milk and agar-agar in a saucepan.
  • Let sit for 5 minutes on counter (not over heat).
  • Bring them to a low boil over medium heat and simmer for 2 minutes stirring constantly.
  • Stir in all remaining ingredients except filo dough and mix well.
  • Pour into filo dough piecrust and bake at 375º for approximately 45 minutes.
  • Cool completely at room temperature, then refrigerate for at least 1 hour.
  • Serve chilled with fresh whipped cared.
  • Note: you have to work really fast with filo as it dries out quickly and will flake and tear.
*Recipe courtesy of Jessica, Mick and Spencer. Fresh Whipped Cream To top the Pumpkin Pie 1 pint Organic heavy whipping cream 3 Tbsp Organic agave or maple syrup ½ tsp Cinnamon
  • Beat all ingredients together at high speed until fluffy.
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