Our Family of Brands

We are family-owned and operated, so we don't make our decisions the same way the big guys do. It's not that we ignore profitability, but it simply isn't our prime motivation. Rather than chasing quarterly profit goals to please shareholders, we are guided by our mission and keep our eyes on our true goal: to provide consumers with delicious, wholesome, and convenient packaged vegetarian groceries. 

What motivates us?
What are we passionate about?
Why do we love our business?

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Learn About Our Brands

The name of our company and the first of our brands, Edward & Sons® nicely exemplifies a guiding principle of the company: to offer health-aware consumers “Convenience Without Compromise”®. The Edward & Sons brand was born in 1978 with the launch of our Natural Instant Miso-Cup®. The wholesome and innovative instant soup mix pioneered the blending of simple, familiar ingredients with unparalleled convenience. In the 4 decades to follow, we would grow the Edward & Sons branded product line and add several new members to our family of brands.

The Native Forest® brand was born in 1999 with the introduction of America’s first canned Organic Hearts of Palm. Unlike most conventional alternatives, the harvesting system of Native Forest® Organic Hearts of Palm supports the preservation of native South American rain forests while benefiting source Amerindian communities.

Families with children and demanding home bakers have discovered the quality, versatility, and just plain fun of Let's Do Organic® items! The brand features a wide selection of innovative organic baking ingredients, including coconut flakes & shreds, gluten-free flours, starches, creamed coconut, sweetened condensed coconut milk, heavy coconut cream, and more! Your whole family will enjoy our vegan organic ice cream cones and decorative Sprinkelz™!  

While all of our brands contain gluten-free items (our tests can detect gluten in amounts as small as 5 parts per million - lower than most certification companies), we have introduced the Let's Do Gluten-Free brand to bring to your attention especially innovative gluten-free specialty items. Celebrate your gluten-free diet with Let's Do® Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones! We offer these hand held ice cream companions in cake-style and traditional rolled style sugar cones. Believe us... you won't miss the gluten! 

The Wizard's® Organic Sauces are crafted from the finest organic brews and seasonings, and feature a hint of The Wizard's fiery magic in every drop, especially enchanting in The Wizard's® Organic Hot Stuff™. Fun Fact: Ordinary Worcestershire sauce contains anchovies, but not ours! The Wizard has created a delicious full-bodied, vegan Worcestershire sauce using select ingredients from his plant-based pantry.

Pour pure organic excitement with Premier Japan®  Asian-style sauces! Our sauces begin with traditionally  brewed organic tamari, enhanced with premium organic ingredients such as toasted sesame oil, ginger and garlic purées to create delicious versatile Asian-style sauces.

More Than Fair®products are third-party certified to confirm compensation for farmers and respect for the environment. Farmers are protected from the risk of falling market prices, and premiums are paid for investment on socially beneficial projects in farming communities.

Road’s End Organics® began in 1998, by offering organic dairy-free Mac & Chreese®. All Road's End Organics® products are plant-based and vegan. We acquired Road's End Organics® in 2007. 

Nature Factor Organic Coconut Water is the light, refreshing beverage found in the center of certified organic young coconuts. Free of additives and preservatives and low in sodium, our Organic Coconut Water contains potassium, magnesium, and trace minerals, boasting an enviable array of electrolytes. Nature Factor Organic Coconut Water is a great choice to quench thirst and restore well-being.