Where We Stand

Our company was born out of a commitment to create delicious vegetarian foods with convenient preparation for those with busy, health-aware lifestyles.  We travel the world tasting regional foods, sourcing the finest ingredients and partnering with reliable, ethical farmers, packers and food artisans to create our unique range of organic vegetarian specialties. 


We support organic and sustainable farming methods that avoid GMO's and chemical pesticides. When you purchase Edward & Sons products, you become part of a network that rewards farmers who implement ecologically conscious and organic farming practices. You support packers who go to the trouble and expense of third party certification to USDA Organic standards in over a dozen countries. You become part of our vision to nourish ourselves and our planet, enhancing the lives of everyone along our supply chain, from farmers to consumers, in an abundant and interconnected world.  

Vegan & Vegetarian

Edward & Sons Trading Company, Inc. is a vegetarian company, which means all of our products under all of our brands are vegetarian. In addition, most of our vegetarian products are suitable for vegans. We typically affix our vegan logo to the packaging of those items for quick consumer identification of our fully plant-based foods.


Our company policy prohibits the use of GMO's in all Edward & Sons products. We instruct our suppliers to disclose and replace any ingredients that they know to contain genetically engineered materials and we assist them in sourcing acceptable alternatives. We are proud participants in the Non-GMO Project and want our consumers to know where their food comes from.


We have been selling gluten-free products for about 40 years. In addition to developing recipes without ingredients known to contain gluten, our procedures specify a combination of licensed laboratory and in-house random testing to confirm the absence of gluten in our finished products. Third third party certification agencies typically test for gluten at detection limits of 10 or 20 part per million (ppm). Edward & Sons' gluten testing standards require all of our GF foods to test negative for gluten at a detection limit of 5 parts per million (5ppm).


Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a synthetic compound found in some plastics and in the lining of many canned food containers. FDA and other government agencies monitor and restrict BPA levels in food packaging, but some people want it out of food packaging all together. Mindful of these concerns, Edward & Sons direct suppliers to pack in cans classified as BPA Non-Intent (BPANI). BPANI is the can industry’s way of describing cans fabricated with no ingredients known to contain BPA. Why doesn’t the can industry simply call them BPA-Free cans? The answer, unfortunately, is that BPA is ubiquitous in our environment. Humanity’s legacy of industrial pollution has given us a world where a tiny amount of BPA can now be found in water, soil and air. There is no current USA standard or acceptable limit of detection for a BPA-Free claim. In our opinion, it is misleading of companies to claim their packaging to be BPA-Free when there is no accepted standard for it and our very environment can no longer make that claim. Certainly, the canning industry will not guarantee their products to be BPA-Free, even when they produce them with no materials known to contain BPA. The very best they are able to offer are cans classified as BPA Non-Intent. We only work with reputable packaging manufacturers who comply with or exceed all USA government standards. We specify BPA Non-Intent cans whenever such cans are available and will provide safe, effective containers for our foods. Packaging evaluation and improvement is a work in progress and we sincerely appreciate your patience and support, food safety is as important to us as it is to you and your family.

Special Diets

At Edward & Sons we believe that everybody is different and every body has different needs, a point that is often overlooked by conventional food companies who cater solely to “mainstream” customers. We select each ingredient with care, ever mindful of our most sensitive customers. We have prepared a number of charts and lists to help those on special diets select appropriate items from our range of offerings.